While i'm walKing n j0gGing thr0ugH0uT alL da nice, cuTe and uniQue bl0gs, i f0und ouT thIs dE.li.ci0us c0ntest. WeEeEe~ like!! ActUalLy, we (my family n I) havent eaT cAke f0r ages..:( erkK.. Bt0i ka? Cm lame sangat je tUu.. Hehe

aCtUalLy, my family memberS are quIte busY, fr0m ayah, umMi, until da y0ungest sis.. Let me st0ry oNe by oNe..

Ayah: family leadEr whIch is alwez bZ wif apP0inMent.. Fr0m m0rning tilL nyTe..

UmMi: pRimary sch0ol's teaCher. Having n0rmal clasS fr0m 07:30 a.m tilL 01:30 p.m, pRay n rest f0r a whIle, c0ntinue teaChIng her stUbB0rn buT hardw0rking stUdEnts 0n 02:30 till o4:30..

Al0ng: having hIs pRaCticAl as meDicAL aSsistant at h0sPital . His cAr was inv0lveD in aCcidEnt while drifteD by hIs fwen. This incidEnt makes hIm difFicult t0 m0ve here n there, n even t0 retUrn h0me during weEkend..

Angah: is having hIs hapPy h0lz starting fr0m 9th apRil after final exam, buT he didnt stay at h0me.. He's alwez ouT t0 play kites wif our c0usin..

Me: i'm als0 in my h0lz as i'm studying at the same plaCe wif angah.. What i'm d0ing at h0me? Yes, dats rite.. Be a 'bibik'laa.. Hoho
al0ng my pResence in thIs h0use, my y0unger sisterS has bec0me very lazY c0z they want me to d0 alL the h0use c0res.. Mm and i'm als0 oN my waY t0 finish my cAr lisence..! WeEe~ (n_n)

1st sis: waiting f0r iPt's invitati0n. She's als0 busy wif her sewing clas, m0rning till evening, sunday t0 thurSday. She's very 'hardw0rking' when i'm at h0me. Pr0ve? She d0ne n0 h0use ch0rSe, just eat, sleEp, mesSaging, thats all.. Very 'hardw0rking' rite? (^_^)

2nd sis: in her f0rm4, always busy stdying in fr0nt of televisi0n. She l0ves to ir0n her sch0ol unif0rm at 7 o'cl0ck, thats what umMi always bubBling b0uT her, buT she didnt change. She's also very 'gud', rite? (^^,)

the last oNe: dEarest y0ungest sister. She's also very busy wif her revisi0n clas, everyniGht, as she's a standard 6 stUDent.. She'll retUrn h0me at 3 p.m, take a bAth, then finishIng her h0mew0rk or d0in' exercise until dawn.. Then take a bAth again, pReparing for revisi0n clasS.. Thats her lifE cycle n0w.. SoMetimes she'lL @merunguT@ b0uT her @busSinesS@.. And we'll b0ost up her sPirit, again n again.. Be patient dEar, its meant f0r u, ur dEstiny..(n_n)

hmmm.. Guys, is't weird f0r me to st0ry b0uT my family in thIs 'cAkes' c0ntest?

Wait!! D0nt give ur answer until y0u kn0w my reas0ns f0r that.. ActUalLy, i wish t0 have the m0ist ch0c0late cAke \(¤_¤)/ becAuse a bundle of strawberRies 0ver it makes it l0oks so 'str0ng'. D0 u realize, it l0oks like a family of strawberries, staying t0gether, facing all the obstaCles t0gether...

if I win this cake, i really hope that my family can resembles again, and enjoy our best moment and live happily ever after.. (^_^) ameen...

n not to forget, thanks a lot to Dalissa Sweet Treat Birthday Giveaway for organizing this de.li.cious contest eva..(n_n) GuYs, c0me n j0in it t0, da more the merrier right..!! \(^_^)/


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