~ciNTa semPuRNa...~

Its 4.34++a.m.. I just finished watching da muvee 'cinta sempurna', st0ry by ustaz Hasrizal.. Its a very g0od m0tivati0nal st0ry.. In 0ther w0rds, the best l0ve st0ry, by ustaz Hasrizal.. U kn0w what, l0ts 0f gudthings can be seen thr0ugh0ut this m0vie..

L0ts 0f advice there.. L0ts 0f m0ral.. N 0f c0urse, i learn a l0t by it.. 0ne 0f them, respect pe0ple.. N0 matter wh0 they are, what their p0siti0ns are, h0w 0ld are they, n even what their c0nditi0ns are, please, please n please respect 'em.. Its easy right..?
**keredhaan Allah terletak pd keredhaan ayah ummi..**

Next, neva prejudge people by their l0ok.. Neva, neva, n neva.. Guys.. Believe me, its best st0ry eva..!! **even their 'penampilan' were n0t dat 'thumbs up', but the st0ryline is da besh..

3rd, luv Allah, luv Islam.. Its n0t just luv, but feel the presence.. Learn h0w to be a musleem, then a mu'min.. Alwez upgrade urselves, dats what Islam teach us.. **innaddinaindallahilislam..**

As a Muslim, neva, neva, neva put the blaim 0n Allah.. Neva..
Wh0 r u t0 do s0..? R u 'BIG' en0ugh t0 d0 that..? He is 0ur Greatest Creat0r, n of c0urse, He always knows the best f0r us..

L0ts m0re can be seen, n applicable, n i d0nt wanna tell u every single 0f it.. I want u 2 have a l0ok.. Watch that m0vie.. They are available 0n
u-Tube.. D0nt f0rget the tittle, 'Cinta Sempurna', 0k guys..?! (~_^)

Mmm n n0t t0 be f0rg0tten, if u have bl0g/s, d0nt f0rget 2 update it **i=
ncluding me**, l0ts 0f readers n f0ll0wers are waiting for it..! Its me.. (^o,^)/

Actually, i'm watching it 0n angah's mini lappy at 'ruangtmu' while lpat bju, 0ut 0f sudden, da battery is k0ng.. Underst0od? d0nt waste any time, finishing dat w0rk, n went t0 my br0ther's ro0m.. C0ntinue watching while charging..(^_~)>

Angah returned..

"n0t finish watching it yet?"

"n0pe..!!" i just smiling, its sadaQah rite..(n_n)

"Where's ur lappy..?”

"0utside there, adik used t0 watch a muvee n playing game just n0w.."

"okie.." He changes his shirt, n g0 0ut..

"Nurul, nurul, c0mes f0r a while..!"

"Key in ur passw0rd please..”

He's staying in d0wnstair's ro0m.. Its n0t my fault..(n_n)> Mmm n0t f0rget t0 thank my bestfriend, f0r the sweet ideas n 0pini0ns.. Thanks f0r sharing, it means caring rite..?! 0uch, d0nt get jeal0us.. Really, I need t0 admit it, this bestfriend is the best bestfriend i eva had.. N i h0pe it'll alwez b, insyaAllah..(n_n)

Mm thanks t0 0yen 2, c0z b my watching partner..
**luckily he's sleeping.. U kn0w what he'll d0 if he's awake? He'll c0me up0n y0u, walking steadily in front of u, n landing 0n the keyb0ard..huhu such a cutie kitty.. 0yen l0ves the warmth there.. Mm da sad thing b0ut 0yen is that he d0nt have ibu, n neva have a chance 2 kn0w his bapak.. S0, all 0f us are his m0m, n angah+al0ng are his dad..(n_n)
At the m0ment I finish watchin' the muvee, 0yen wakes up.. He c0me nearer t0 me, n f0ll0w me 0ut.. Guess what he d0? He's searching f0r his nasi+ikan kukus, n he eat it again.. Uh, hungry ya.. I grab that 0pp0rtunity 2 wash my face, brush my teeth.. preparing f0r sleep..
for tight sleep..(~_~)zZzZ

Hehe  Then, i g0 t0 the secret place which i hide my sE handset, take it, n sit 0n da s0fa nearby.. Again, 0yen c0mes, n landing near t0 me, I really pity on him..

Guess what I get when I switch on my sE..
:: you have 2 miscalls from +60172…… on 12:4+a.m.::

‘0h Allah… I’m missing so0o0 much… why is that..? why it always happen when I think bout ‘it’… why… why I can’t erase all those memories within my mind… why I can’t forget bout it at all… why You make him appear just after I remember bout him..?’

‘the answer is easy, because you don’t wanna do it..’

‘yes.. I don’t wanna do it.. its hurt to forget.. those memories make me smile.. all of the moment we had together were the besh.. I luv it.. I used to luv it.. I’m luving it.. I’ll luv it.. I luv it forever and ever.. Allah…

Oyen is landing beside me, and he’s so weird why this ‘creature’ is crying all the night.. **I think so, because he’s always look at me.. its like he’s saying, ’sabr.. Allah is always with you.. just pray for the best…’

Friday, April 16, 2010
Missed ‘U, Allah…


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