Kalo anai2 xbsarang kat dapur xdela tumpahan minyak hitam 2,

kalo xde tumpahan minyak hitam 2 xdela tangge 2 licin,

kalo tgge xlicin xkan kte jt0h,

Kalo kte xjt0h xkan sakit tulang belakang ni,

kal0 kte xsakit xkan kte bakar tungku 2,

kalo xbakar tungku xdela panas sangat,

kalo xpanas sangat xdela kte bkak kipas quat2,

kalo kte xbkak kipas quat2 xdela cepat terbakar kertas pembalut tungku yg berbara 2,

kalo xtbakar kertas 2 xkan tbakar tilam n dinding 2,
kalo xtbakar dinding 2 xdela tbakar atap 2..


n kalo kte xde iman, itula yg kte akan cakap...

Keep blaming myself with if, if n if...

At least i cAn seE my family unite within this musibah.. Even unite t0 blame me..

0 Allah... Make me str0ng.. Sh0w me the hikmah between all these..

0 Allah.. I 0nly have U..

U only..

N only U..

**pics will be updated later.. T______________T


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~ C.i.N.t.a...c.U.m.A...B.u.A.t..-.N.y.A ~

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