~ 4th JuLy 2010 :: menghitung hari..~

T0day.. My st0maCh is n0t feeling well since the last night. It can't be described by w0rds. This evening will be a rehearsal f0r campus t0ur, exclusive to all c0mmittees in charge. I d0n't really yaQin that i can make it. The r0ute is quite far, and we need t0 climb all the secret stairs to reaCh at oNe dEstinati0n till level 5. Can't stand it anym0re, i m0ve aside and sit on a chair there. The owner came and i neEd t0 m0ve again. I sit on the fl0or. Pe0ple keep c0ming and asking what's wr0ng. They were s0 kind, they help me to walk to the m0sQue so that i cAn 'sapu' the oilment on my tummy. S0rry.. I also cant make it. I feel very weak to walk. At last, i just sit there. Feel s0 hard, it can't be described. I feel very guilty when pe0ple keep w0rrying b0ut me...
S0rry t0 all.. And bunches of thanks f0r lending ur hands.. Aishah wh0's never miss to update my c0nditi0n at that time, K. Aini wh0 'papah' me, k. Fiza who massages me f0r alm0st an h0ur i think, ainul mardhiah f0r sending me back by her savvy, aimee my assistant headc0m f0r special task bureau who is very c0ncern and never miss to greet me in the m0rning, syiera my lovely l0veable new ro0mate, br0. Azuwan wh0's willingly to replace me as pers0n in charge f0r r0ute 2 campus t0ur, k.sarah the one wh0's searching medicine f0r me by help fr0m huda, and all the c0mmittees f0r ta'aruf pr0gramme july intake 2010/2011 IIUM Kuantan.. Thanks a l0t, syukran jazilan wa jazakallahu khairan jaza..

*pray that i'll be better so0n.. Syukran..  


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~ C.i.N.t.a...c.U.m.A...B.u.A.t..-.N.y.A ~

~ C.i.N.t.a...c.U.m.A...B.u.A.t..-.N.y.A ~

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