~ He’s always there… ~

i leave and go..

but Allah ‘the one with all the kindness’ is always there..

and i ask Him for hope that is never rejected..

and i ask Him safety from a world..

I'm tested through it

where it’s disasters turn me gray..

and i ask Him all the time and in all cases

because He’s the one who makes our hearts feel safe..


the way He makes everything around

is beyond our imagination..

It is mysterious to us

because it’s the fate to be..


It’s Allah who eases things for us..

but it’s beyond our knowledge..

and easing hard tragedy on us,

and from generosity and hidden kindness,

as well as solutions to hardships we face…


I've no one to ask but Allah..

He’s my only Lord..

and the only one my heart is full of love for..

He’s generous, blessing, kind..

and answer the prayers of His slaves..

He covers up His slave’s sins..

and answer who ever ask Him..

He’s patient, forgiving,

and always put forgiveness before punishment..

He’s so merciful that His mercy

includes all beings..


Oh Lord of all lords..

please forgive me..

my sins distanced me from you..

my mistakes and sins sicken me more everyday..

but i know..

you’re the only doctor,

who can make me feel fine..


Oh Allah..

keep those who envy away from me..

and please..

make me feel safe..

disasters do indeed hurt..


and bless me..

with the company of my family and friends..

because it’s easy for anyone to feel lonely..


i feel really sad about those young kids..

whenever i recall them,

i almost burst into tears..

but I've to let go my own matters

to Allah…

who is the Wisest in managing everything in His world..


He’s the most Merciful

who i believe in and ask..

by His help and from Him

i ask for forgiveness..


Oh Rabbi..

you know how am i doing..

is there a resolution soon..?


Oh Lord of the day of justice,


make those aches in the heart go away..

show me

what makes you content with..

look at me

and please….

make me give up all my sins..

shall i do..


protect me..

and make me prevail..

and give me strength,

when my powers faint..

and please…

inspire me

to mention and praise You all my life..

since everything in my life becomes sweet when i worship You..

and ask for all these blessings not just for me,

but for all those who believe in Allah..

we all share the mercy..

we were blessed by from the Lord..


my believe and thought of you Sir..

is the most beautiful..

i gain my strength and my hopes

from the richness of worshipping you..

and Allah pray upon the prophets and his family

with the sweetest sounds of all chanting birds..


thank you Allah..

for everything..


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~ C.i.N.t.a...c.U.m.A...B.u.A.t..-.N.y.A ~

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